Officially a Student!


As I’m sure you can tell from my Timetable, I’ve had a really tough week (!) Most of this week at school the Sixth Form have been doing Klausur (Exams) and therefore haven’t had lessons and on Thursday years 8 and 9 had no school due to their teachers being away on a course. Due to both these factors, there hasn’t been a great deal for me to do and I was told by my mentor teacher to take Tuesday off to go and collect my Studentenausweis (Student ID) from the Uni. Seeing as it takes me roughly an hour to get from my flat to the University this was quite a journey and after a great deal of waiting around once I got there I finally got my ID – pretty good news, because here in Germany your Studentenausweis also gives you free travel around the whole of your Bundesland (State), in my case NRW (Nordrhein-Westfalen). I have to say, I was expecting something a bit more official than simply a little blue slip of paper with my name and address on it, but there you go. I best keep it safe!

On Wednesday I had the joys of starting school extra early.. 7:30am! An English Theatre group from Kent were visiting the school and putting on a play (in English) for Years 8 and 9 – of course, as one of the school ‘newbies’ and with my ‘expert’ English skills – I was asked to help set up and greet the group when they arrived. This involved setting up a classroom with tea, coffee and biscuits which was fine until the group announced they were lost in Düsseldorf and therefore going to be late. So I was left guarding the classroom and the biscuits for well over an hour, which became more and more difficult as time went by and I became more and more hungry! Finally the group arrived, set up and the play could begin.

The play was called The Jackdaw and was about smuggling prisoners from Prison ships during the Napoleonic War – bit hefty for an Wednesday morning and I’m not sure how much of the story the kids followed. The actors all wore pretty creepy masks, which made what they were saying a little difficult to understand. However the play was quite interactive and some of the audience were pulled onto the stage and given roles, which the rest of the group found entertaining, so I think that made up for it in the end!?

Apart from that, there isn’t much to report. It’s been a bit of a quiet week and all the procrastination I have been doing has resulting in me thinking about home and missing all things British (I would kill for a scone right now!). Tomorrow marks four weeks since I arrived out here and the novelty of all things new is starting to wear off and the more permanent situation ahead is starting to dawn on me. I am still enjoying myself though, trying to keep busy and making plans for the next few weeks 🙂