A Pretty Productive Project Week

Another week, another blog post. This week was Projekt Woche (project week) in the school  and as part of the Goethe English Network (group of British/ international Mum’s plus me) I was involved in the Job Application workshop. It was my task to organise the workshop on behalf of the school – this included putting together quite a lengthy information pack for the students on writing CVs and Cover Letters as well as what to expect in an interview and also organising the ‘week’ with a contact in the chosen company, KPMG. We had a 5 day project all put together and organised, but at very late notice I was told by the school that the year we were aiming the project at we’re sitting exams and could only participate in 2 of the 5 days. School this week was very empty and a little chaotic – the Q2s (equivalent year 13/ upper sixth) are away on their Study trips, most Q1s are on an exchange trip in Ohio, USA and then the Year 11s are all sitting exams. The project week for the younger years is not so project orientated, instead they go on trips to places – the Zoo etc. It must take quite some organisation to run these all smoothly, however unto my surprise there were a few hiccups and not the right amount of communication between different teachers, school events (exams) and projects.. Anyway, we ran our project on Monday 8-12 and Thursday, which was actually enough time. We would have had a lot of time to waste otherwise and it mean in the week before the Herbstferien (Autumn holiday/ half term) I had 3 days off. On Monday we focused on preparing the paperwork (CV and cover letter) and then on Thursday we were based in the Düsseldorf KPMG offices for a morning of mock interviews and plenty of free food! Luckily I didn’t have to navigate my way there as my KPMG contact lives in the same area as me and picked me up. Once we arrived in the offices and met the students we had breakfast and tea/ coffee before being given a short presentation on the company. Then the interviews started. The students had despite the initial shock of having to find smart clothes to wear, managed to dress appropriately and the interviewers all seemed pretty impressed. Whilst one half of the students were having their interviews, the rest of us were given an office tour and met some people from the different departments; audit, tax and advisory services. After all that, I myself was offered the opportunity of a mock interview and jumped at the chance, seeing it as a great opportunity and experience – in a years time I’m going to have to do all this for real, so t was great preparation. My interviewer was really nice and considering I had no preparation time and no documents with me, I’m pleased to say it went really well! After all the interviews were over, we headed back to the conference room for a lunch buffet and were given individual feedback. At 12 noon the day was over.
For the rest of my week I busied myself with YARP (Year Abroad Research Project) research, a bit of browsing in town and sorting out a few things at the Uni. On Tuesday I met up with a friend and we tried out a ‘new’ cafe on Carlsplatz. We spent a good 20minutes deciding which cake we wanted to try and ended up agreeing to share a Bienenstich (Beesting cake- called this because it has a topping of honey and almonds) and a Quarkschnitte (kind of like a cheesecake). Both were super delicious but were absolutely huge and afterwards I was soo full.
On Wednesday, I was woken up by the air raid siren drill – they test this each month. I have to say, it gave me quite a shock! The rest of my day was quite busy as I had made an appointment at the Uni to find out sme information. This time it was successful and I came away a little more knowledgable with regards to my Germanistik course. I then went back into town, completed a few chores and then finally, after a long day returned to my flat for a relaxing evening of catch up tv.