Let it Snow!

So after coming back from Paris it was a little difficult to get back into my working regime although after the School’s open day at the weekend and the fact that Christmas is fast approaching, there were a number of school trips and I wasn’t required to be in quite so many lessons. This was nice as on Tuesday my lovely friend Laura, who studies in Heidelberg, visited me for a few days in Dusseldorf. Laura hadn’t visited Dusseldorf before so we began the trip with a wander round the Altstadt and walked along the river up to the Medienhafen. The weather was absolutely freezing so after walking around, looking at the different buildings and taking in the evening lights we headed back towards the Altstadt and popped into Sugarbird Cupcakes for a cupcake and managed to escape the cold for a while.




Sunset and Skyline

 At 6.30pm we met another friend of mine, Natalia (also my Mum’s goddaughter) for an evening of Christmas Market fun. The markets were absolutely packed despite it being so cold and it was quite difficult to actually view the stands. Nonetheless the atmosphere made up for it and made me feel so festive. After satisfying our desire for all things christmassy, we left the market crowds and headed into a Restaurant/ Bar for something to drink – no Glühwein tonight, as Natalia is approaching her 5th month of pregnancy! After a good hour and a bit of talking we said our goodbyes and Laura and I headed back to my flat, eager to get inside the warm and settle down for a peaceful evening and some food.

The next day I had to head to work in the morning and left Laura enjoying a lie-in, which was especially painful when leaving the flat at 7.15am. Once at school I had a pretty successful day and was sent home early at 10.30am instead of the usual 12.30 Wednesday finish. This meant I could pop home, drop my things off and continuing my ‘sightseeing’ with my guest. As the weather was relatively clear and dry we headed to the Hofgarten for a walk around, we also got as far as the Schloss Jägerhof, which nowadays houses the Goethe Museum (Goethe – a German politician and writer).


In the Hofgarten

Once we were finished with the ‘cultural sights’ we made our way to Schadowstrasse for a bit of window shopping and retail therapy, before ending up back in the old town for some lunch in Schweinske. We had a very German lunch; Laura had a Currywurst (Curry sausage – basically a sausage with a curry sauce) and I feasted on a Schnitzel. After lunch we continued our shopping and finished off the day strolling up the Kö (short for Königsallee).



Finally on Thursday I got my lie in and the two of us had a lazy morning in and around my flat. At lunchtime we headed down the road to the Ice Cream parlour where we treated ourselves to delicious waffles. We also explored some of the little shops in the area but soon it was time to pick up Laura’s bags and bid each other farewell at the Bus station. I’m sure it won’t be long until we see each other again.. 🙂

For the rest of my weekend I am planning on being extremely lazy and the weather makes me less guilty for doing so. When I woke up yesterday morning I was greeted with this view..


The winter’s first snowfall! Unfortunately it didn’t last long and by lunchtime it was mostly washed away. Since then, it’s just been raining so I think staying inside isn’t such a bad idea!

That’s all for this week folks, until the next time 🙂