Did you miss me?

So it’s been a while since my last blog post..  It’s not just a case of Easter holiday laziness I promise, but the fact that I spent the majority of my two weeks off, gallivanting around Europe by train on yet another Interrail holiday. While this may not be everyone’s idea of fun it has become quite a tradition in the Dovaston household and for the past 12 years we have been setting off almost every summer (or Easter) on a trip around the European mainland.

I set off on my very first Inter rail trip at the innocent age of 10, when my parents decided to whisk me off on a months travelling around Europe with pit stops in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Sopot (northern Poland which is where my Mum grew up), Warsaw, Krakow, Vienna and Salzburg. I remember the trip as if it were yesterday and I can assure you that a month away from home was super exciting, packing everything into my small shoulder bag (I was a pro at packing light back in those days – this is something that has very much changed with age) and setting off for a month long holiday with no idea of what I was going to find waiting for me! It was a great holiday, with a mixture of different destinations to explore; from urban cities such as Berlin and Warsaw, as well as a more relaxing places such as Baltic coast or scenic Austrian countryside. I must admit that the highlight of this trip had to be when a little girl’s dream came true (i.e. me) as we hopped aboard the Sound of Music bus tour in Salzburg and were taken around to see many of the places where the film was shot or based on. I expect that it was this trip itself which developed my keen explorer traits and brought about the wanderlust that nowadays I severely suffer  from.

Since this trip, over a decade ago (how time flies!) my parents and I have visited almost every major European city, have traveled on goodness only knows how many miles of train lines and have spent many many hours sat on many many trains. When it comes to Inter railing, or generally travelling by train on the continent, I have become quite the expert.

Anyway, before I waffle on too much I just wanted to check in, say hello and let you know I’m still here. Also stay tuned to hear about the latest expedition of Dovaston Tours where we explored more of Switzerland, Italy and of course, the Vaterland.

Until the next time, bis bald.

V x