Life as an English Language Assistant: Goodbye Goethe!

When I sat at my computer nine months ago writing up my first blog post on Dovaston’s Düsseldorf Diarys (My first days in Düsseldorf), I had absolutely no idea what was in store. Nine months seemed like forever and June seemed like a lifetime away. But here I am, older, wiser (although I haven’t decided on that yet!) and most importantly I survived!

My last few weeks here were rather less hectic than the rest of my stay and I’ve had time on my hands to look back and evaluate my time out here in Germany. That being said, there was still enough going on to keep me busy. A friend and I took it upon ourselves to use our last month to fully immerse into the cultural side of life in Germany, with trips to the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus where we saw the musical “Im Weissen Roessl” (HILARIOUS!), a KD boat trip on the Rhine in the sunshine, drinks along the Rheinufer and various outings to Museums, Art Galleries scattered throughout the town and the obligatory Kaffee und Kuchen outings. Along with the sociable side of life, there was still school and tutoring to keep me busy, preparing the pupils for various tests and of course the dreaded Abitur (A-levels).

Finally my last week as an ELA crept up on me and the goodbyes began. My various classes presented me with farewell cards and I had the task of thinking up fun games to keep them occupied in our final lessons together. In true ELA fashion, there were a few hiccups along the way; including printing mishaps (leaving the Queen looking ghostly and poor Kate Middleton having such a dark tan she was unrecognisable), and turning up to my own farewell party fashionably late and soaking wet. No thanks then, to the broken down Strassenbahn and the torrential downpour!! However when I finally did arrive, my Year 5 class surprised me with an adorable performance of Tongue Twisters (Peter Piper, She sells sea shells) which they impressively mastered. This was followed by a ‘feast’ , mostly made up of chocolate crispy cakes (at 8am??), as well a presentation which included a beautiful card and a bouquet of flowers. I have to admit, that at the end of the day, it was rather sad saying goodbye to the staff and pupils, handing over my books and keys, and leaving the school for the last time.


So yes, my friends, my Year Abroad is officially over, although I’m not leaving just yet. After a short trip back to Blighty, I will be back to explore more of this wonderful city.