A Day at the Eden Project

Rising bright and early on a grey, cloudy morning, Dom and I jumped into the car and began the one hour drive south into Cornwall. Despite being faced with rain showers, the countryside still managed to look beautiful and I spent most of the journey looking out of the window enjoying the views. A few steep hills and narrow lanes later, we arrived in the small town of Bodelva and followed the directions to the Eden Project, an eco visitor attraction created in a reclaimed quarry. I don’t think I was quite prepared for what I was going to see as we emerged from the ticket office onto the viewing platform. I was amazed at the vast size of the complex and the two dominating biomes, immediately in front of us. We took the meandering path, which wound through the planted landscape, until we were finally at the bottom and ready to explore.



We spent some time walking through the vegetable gardens, passing the giant bee on our way, and eventually ended up in the first of the two biomes, which housed a tropical environment. It was as if we had walked straight into the Rainforest, being met by the intense heat and humidity as well the the smell of warm, moist air.

After a quick look in the shop, we headed for the second biome or the  ‘Mediterrean biome’ which was slighlty smaller than its tropical neighbour. This time the air was pleasantly warm and instead of the lush green rainforest vegetation, the biome was awash with colours – bright pink flowers, colourful fruits and vegetables and white wash buildings.


The gorgeous smell that the Terrace restaurant was giving off definitely helped add character! Following the path through the biome, we travelled through Spain and Greece, to South Africa, California and Italy, passing wonderful plants and sculptures on the way until we were back at the starting point by the Mediterranean Terrace. The walking we had done had built up our appetites and we were seated ready to eat some delicious food!


After lunch, we continued our wanderings through more of the landscaped gardens. One of my favourite areas was the cluster of Dahlia plants..

Our final stop was the so-called ‘Core’ which turned out to be an exhibition centre and the route ‘out’. We had a look around at the different things and then decided it was about time to set off, as we still had the long journey home ahead of us! Ascending in the glass lift and across the rubber bridge, we had one last look over the Biomes and said goodbye to the Eden Project..


Until the next time, that is!