My Top 10 Cafes in Düsseldorf

The other day, I was in town with some friends. It was approaching four o’clock and we were all feeling a bit peckish so we agreed on finding a little cafe where we could sit down, rest our legs and have something small to eat. After quite some deliberation, we found ourselves a cosy English coffee shop and sat down to enjoy a slice of Victoria sponge and a pot of tea. Once the cake had been demolished, we were talking about the busy day we had had exploring Southampton (it’s never too late to discover your University town, even in final year!) and began comparing it to our various trips during the Year Abroad. Obviously this led to the discussion of one very important thing, and definitely one of the highlights of my Year Abroad in Germany – Kaffee and Kuchen.

Thinking back to the so-called ‘Procrasti-caking’ meetings and cafe trips with my friend, and fellow ELA, Emma, I was inspired to come up with a list of my very own top 10 cafes in Düsseldorf, and here it is. Enjoy and Guten Appetit! 😉


1. Yomaro, Am Carlsplatz 6B

Stumbling across this small but delightful frozen yoghurt parlour on Carlsplatz was quite a treat. Yomaro, despite being small has so much to offer from waffles to smoothies and of course, its specialty, frozen yoghurt. There isn’t much space for customers to stop, with only a standing bar but in the summer this shouldn’t be a problem.

For what I consider to be a very decent price (3,60 EUR) you can have a ‘basic’ portion, don’t be fooled it’s still huge with 2 toppings of your choice plus a sauce. I went for a slightly more healthier option, bar the kit kat pieces, and it was absolutely delicious!

(Yomaro is also on  Lorettostrasse 17, Hauptstraße 18 and can be found inside  Toykio on Immermannstrasse)

2. Sugarbird Cupcakes Heinrich-Heine-Allee 37

With its superb location, only steps away the Heinrich Heine U-bahn and in the centre of the Altstadt, it is no surprise that Sugarbird Cupcakes are doing well. This cafe is every girls dream; cute, pink and most importantly, cupcakes!



3. Dinea Kaufhof, Königsallee/Am Wehrhahn

Whilst Kaufhof is not the most trendy place for youngsters to go, I have to say that if you need something to eat and a drink in a warm, comfortable environment, then it’s a good place to head.  With a number of delicious looking cakes, from the plainer or simpler crumble cake sorts, to the more extravagant Torten,  the wide selection is sure to tempt your taste buds and not pull on your purse strings, costing between 2 and 3 EUR each. It provides great value and offers, such as a refill drink for only 1 EUR and other cake and coffee combinations.



4. Gut und Gerne, Burgplatz

This sweet little cafe offers all kinds of Hot Chocolate drinks as well as a range of cakes and pralines. Next door to the cafe is great chocolate shop, bursting with atmosphere and full of chocolate products including pralines, as well as products such as chocolate liquor and even chocolate mustard! Although it is not cheap, it is certainly worth a visit!


5. Engels Cafe, Bastionstrasse

Whilst being a bit off the beaten track, Engels Cafe is worth checking out. Not all that far from the Altstadt, this cafe offers a great range of cakes for every palette and provides a peaceful and picturesque location for enjoying them in. Another bonus of being a little off track is that the prices are lower than some of the places in town…

6. DolchinellaTannenstrasse 35

Tucked away in the streets of Derendorf is the charming Dolchinella, offering a whole host of ‘sweet and fine food’, from cakes, to pralines, to jams and even liquor! Dolchinella also offers ‘traditional British Tea Time’, their take on Afternoon Tea with freshly baked scones, finger sandwiches and a choice of tea. Whilst I haven’t experienced this Afternoon Tea, I was taken by the owner’s friendly manner and the pleasant atmosphere within their tea shop. Needless to say the cake was delicious too!


Lemon & poppy seed cake with a lemon marscapone icing

7. Nordmann’s Eisfabrik, Hermannstrasse 22a

Just a few streets away from where my work was based is ice cream lover’s paradise, Nordmann’s Eisfabrik (Ice Cream Factory). I mean, the name alone sells this place for me! The ‘factory’ offers 50 different flavours, from the everyday favourites to the wierd but wonderful – all without artifical additives or emulsifiers!


8. Pâtisserie Passion, Kaiserstrasse 34 A

First off, the cakes in Pâtisserie Passion are works of art in themselves, in fact they were almost too pretty to eat! I can assure you that it was a tough decision picking the cake I wanted. In the end I opted for a ginger and lime mousse on a cheesecake base, sprinkled with pistachio. It was fabulous! Perhaps a little pricier than some of the other cafes, totaling around 8 euros for the cake and a pot of tea, it is still (more than) worth a visit. Or two. Or three.

9. Schlosscafe BenrathBenrather Schlossallee 108

Within the grounds of Schloss Benrath is a rather lovely cafe, offering outdoor seating on a warm summer’s day, or if you prefer, a rather decorative inside area for when the weather is not so nice or you prefer the shade. The prices are very reasonable and there is always a varied choice of cakes, ice cream or, for those who like it hot, fresh waffles during the winter months.


10. Cafe Hüftgold, Ackerstraße 113

Last but not least on my list is uniquely decorated Cafe Hüftgold in Flingern, with a chandelier made from china tea cups. The cafe offers a range of cakes, as well as drinks and even sandwiches and bagels, for a very reasonable price. (bit more description needed)

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Are you from or have you been to Duesseldorf before?

Have I missed any of the best cafes? I would love to hear your recommendations, please let me know in the comment section below!