2015: New Year, New Adventures!

First and foremost, a very happy New Year to you all!

If you’ve read My Best Moments Of 2014 you will know that last year was a great one for me filled with adventure, new friends and plenty of exciting travel destinations and I’m hoping that 2015 has much of the same in store for me.

As this is my fourth and final year of University, I am pretty sure there will be a number of hurdles to jump and challenges to overcome but all being well, I will be graduating in July and waving my university career goodbye. This is a rather scary thought, especially as I have no set plans post-July but I’m keeping busy, putting applications out left, right and centre, so we shall see where I end up! It wouldn’t be right to start a new year without a few travel plans, and fear not my friends, those I do have.

In March I will be back on continental soil for a few pre-Easter days en France, visiting the charming town of Troyes in the Champagne region of France, an obligatory stop in the capital and also a trip to the beautiful Fontainebleau Palace, 55km south of Paris.

Come the summer, I will be setting off for my first ever trip to Scandinavia with stops in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo, not to mention a long weekend in Turkey’s melting pot capital Istanbul!

Hopefully sometime in between, I will manage a few days in the sun and maybe even a cheeky trip to the Vaterland and my beloved city of Düsseldorf!

Wherever I end up, I hope you will join me along the way! V x