What’s On My Travel Bucket List?

Suffering from severe wanderlust, fernweh and itchy feet I constantly find myself dreaming of where in the world I would like to travel to next. Having read a few fellow traveller’s bucket lists I felt inspired to come up with my own and here, my friends, it is!


✈ Wander the white washed island of Santorini and experience the fiery sunset

✈ Climb to the ancient Acropolis and admire the view down onto Athens, Greece

✈ Visit two continents in one city, Istanbul – booked Summer 2015!

✈ Take a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, USA

✈ Visit Cinque Terre, Italy

✈ Cross Canada by train

✈ Walk part of the Great Wall in China

✈ See the Terracotta Army in Xian, China

✈ Visit Hong Kong

✈ See the Bond Islands, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

✈ Watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia

✈ Visit the tea plantations and see the Giant Buddha in Sri Lanka

✈ Enjoy the view over Rio de Janeiro from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain

✈ Bathe in the Szechenyi spa waters of Budapest

✈ Visit the Iguazu Falls

✈ Eat Pizza in Naples

✈ Swim in the  waters of the Blue Grotto, Capri

✈ Pretend to be a Harvard Student, Boston

✈ Go whale watching off the coast of California

✈ Ride on the back of an Elephant in Thailand

✈ See the Taj Mahal, India

✈ Gaze at the Northern Lights from a glass igloo in Finnish Lapland

✈ See the glaciers and hot geysers in Iceland

✈ Visit the Grand Canyon

✈ See the ancient Aztec world in Mexico

✈ Visit Antarctica and see penguins in their natural habitat!

✈ Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Piccu, Peru

✈ Visit the souks of Dubai and look down on the world from the top of the Burj Khalifa

✈ Visit New England in Fall

✈ Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

✈ Walk down Hollywood Boulevard, LA

✈ Relax on the beaches of the Carribean

✈ See the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg

✈ Spend Christmas time in New York

✈ Go on safari in South Africa

✈ Ride on a camel in Morocco

✈ Experience St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago and Dublin

✈ Learn to surf in Hawaii

✈ See the Giant’s Causeway and kiss the Blarney stone, Northern Ireland

✈ See if I can spot the Lochness Monster in Scotland

✈ ‘Time travel’ to the 1950s in Cuba

✈ Rollerblade along Sunset Boulevard in LA

✈ Experience Eisteddfod in Wales

✈ Take a Gondola ride in Venice

✈ See the Egyptian pyramids

✈ Go on a sleigh ride in the mountains around Zakopane, Poland

✈ Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

✈ Admire New Zealand’s stunning scenery

✈ See the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia from the sky

✈ Marvel at the ancient city of Petra, Jordan

✈ Take a cruise through the Norwegian Fjords

✈ See the ‘end of the world’ at Tierra del Fuego, Chile

✈ Visit Easter Island

✈ See the ancient Nazca lines in Peru

✈ Visit the ancient roman town of Pompeii

✈ See the ‘Little Mermaid’ in Copenhagen – booked Summer 2015!

✈ Visit the Sydney Opera House (climb it if I’m feeling brave!)

✈ See the worlds largest salt flats in Bolivia

✈ Experience the jazz scene in New Orleans

I’d love to hear your comments about what you think of my ultimate travel bucket list and if you have any suggestions, please do add them in the comments below. The world’s a big place and I want to see it all!