Monthly Overview: February 2015

Can you believe February has already been and gone? The months are going by far too quickly for my liking yet there is still so much to do! February has been a rather quiet month in terms of travel but I thought I would keep up my end and provide you with a little bit of entertainment in the form of February’s Monthly Overview..


I’m afraid this last month has been rather unexciting- with the start of a new semester, work, assignments and deadlines have been piling up and with only a few months left until finals, the pressure is mounting. I haven’t been able to take many days off to explore, although I have managed a trip or two to nearby Winchester for catch-ups with an old school friend of mine as well as my parents on another occasion. Unfortunately on both occasions the weather was not very nice (no surprise there, this is England!) so no blog-worthy photos were taken and we spent most of the day hopping from shop to shop, sheltering from the rain! Hopefully March will have a few more things in store..

PicMonkey Collage4


An overview of what’s been happening on the blog this month:

PicMonkey Collage5

whativebeenlovingthismonthThe main thing that I have been loving this month is looking ahead to those wonderful months ahead – in particular June – when exams and university are over, and the travelling kicks in! I have become slightly obsessed with pinning pictures of Istanbul on my Pinterest and it is making me even more excited to explore the Turkish capital.


That’s it for the Monthly Overview: February 2015! 

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