Monthly Overview: April 2015

First and foremost, apologies for the rather late post! Exam period has well and truly begun, as has my countdown to Graduation! It is now officially 2 weeks and 5 days until my exams are finished and I am free. Whilst this is incredibly exciting I have to keep reminding myself that before then I have lots of revision to do. Such a pain, especially when the weather is slowly cheering up and blessing us with some sunshine! Unfortunately as my finals loom over me like dark clouds, it does mean that I will be posting on my blog less often for the next month – but fear not, some exciting posts are in the works!

Anyway, lets get this overview started!


  • Another great collab post for you guys to check out – It’s A Woman’s World – as Sarah of Coffee with a Slice of Life seeks to inspire female travellers to embrace solo travel by packing their bags and heading abroad regardless of whether they have a travelling companion to share the adventure with. Am very honoured to feature along side so many of these brave and adventurous ladies!

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That’s it for the Monthly Overview: April 2015! 

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