My Düsseldorf Diaries

Sundays in Düsseldorf: Top Outdoor things to do – My suggestions for a Sunday in the City

Goodbye Goethe – End of ELA life

Did you miss me? – Easter updates

A typical day in the life of an ELA 

A Gastronomic Guide to the Vaterland – one for the foodies!

Karneval 2014: Helau!

A trip into the Bergisches Land: Schlossburg an der Wupper & Solingen – Into the heart of the Bergisches Land

Dusselorf Rheinturm: A trip up the TV Tower  – A trip up the city’s tallest building

An Update: Being an ELA and life in Dusseldorf

Sweets, Treats and Kuchen 

Catching some sun in Kaiserswerth – Exploring Dusseldorf’s oldest area

Konnichiwa from Düsseldorf– A trip to the EKO Haus der japanischen Kultur

Let it Snow – A visitor from Heidelberg.

Christmas Markets & Crossing Borders – Enjoying the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf, exploring Centro in Oberhausen and a cheeky trip to Roermond, Holland

Herbstferien – A visit from Mum and Dad, a trip to Wuppertal and a little bit more exploring

A pretty productive Project Week – A week in the life of an English Language Assistant, this time Project Week with KPMG

Autumn Days in Dusseldorf – Exploring the Hofgarten

Friends, Food & Funny Festivals – A trip to Koln, Girl’s Night and the Erntedankfest

One Month Down – The successful completion of a month at school and life at HHU

Officially a Student! – Becoming an Erasmus Student at HHU

Altstadt, Chinafest and a friendly face – Dusseldorf’s annual Chinafest

Back to School – Starting work in a German grammar school

Fun, Familiarity and Farewells – Settling into Dusseldorf life and a day trip to Koln

My first days in Dusseldorf – The start of my new life. Welcome to Dusseldorf